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UK Libraries has a full set of resources to aid you in digital scholarship projects and dedicated librarians to help at every point in the process.

Digital Scholarship Tools

Digital tools open new pathways for research, analysis, and publishing across all scholarly fields. Find a curated list in our Digital Scholarship & Data Research Guide.

  • Research Tools allow you to identify patterns in large, machine-readable texts or data sets, mark up and annotate digital sources, and crowdsource research processes
  • Analytical Tools, including data visualization and digital mapping software, can help you discover trends, uncover insights, and bring patterns to life
  • Digital Publishing & Storytelling Tools assist you in producing dynamic outputs, such as building a website, creating audio and video content, or designing a virtual reality experience to communicate your findings and make your data accessible

Schedule a consultation with our librarians to become acquainted with available software, or learn more about tools and technologies you can use in all phases of data discovery and analysis on our Managing Your Research Data page.


CreateUK is an online platform for UK faculty, staff, and students to create, manage, and share their research output and academic work in digital form. Our tools allow you to create a wide variety of digital content including websites, blogs, portfolios, online exhibits, and more.

Digital Humanities

Digital Humanities applies digital methods and tools to research and creative projects in the humanities, opening up new, transformative paths and opportunities for scholarship. Learn more about technologies, methodologies, resources, and scholarship in the field of digital humanities in our Resources & Support for Digital Humanities Guide

Digital Project Funding

UK Libraries can help connect you with internal and external funding sources specifically tailored to digital scholarship projects. Grant funding search tools and additional funding support are also available through the university’s Research Office.