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Research Data Life Cycle Services

We are here to help you wherever you are in the process of working with your research data, with services for every step in the research data life cycle.


Quality data collection begins with a thorough management plan. We can help you set your research up for success by mapping out a plan using data management best practices.

If you are applying for grant funding, we also offer tailored support for creating management and sharing plans that meet institutional requirements.


Secure your data, organize your files, and make your data and analysis usable for other researchers (and your future self!) through metadata and descriptive documentation. We can help you determine how best to enhance the quality, integrity, and reproducibility of your data.


Maximize the impact of your work and promote collaboration and reuse by publishing your data on a platform that allows for discoverability and long-term hosting. We can help you choose the right platform for your data, including UK’s institutional repository, UKnowledge.

For more information on publishing services available on UKnowledge, visit our Publishing & Impact page.


More data is publicly available than ever before. We can help you discover and access data from open data sources, data repositories, and UK data source subscriptions.

Infographic for the research data services life cycle.

Research Data Life Cycle.

Additional Resources

Learn New Software

Our team can help you identify the right software for your data analysis needs, including open source tools and software licensed by UK. We can assist you in getting oriented in new software environments, basic troubleshooting, and identifying resources for honing your skills. Find a curated list of digital scholarship tools.

Managing Citations

Keep track of your sources and cite them properly with free software available through UK Libraries. Download EndNote to help you organize, format, and share your references.

Utilize Your Subject Support Team

Your field’s subject specialist can help you frame your research, discover resources, and think through additional subject-specific considerations. Find your subject support team.

Data Skills Instruction

Instructors can request librarian support in teaching students about specific data management skills and practices tailored to your course. We provide instruction on data management best practices, finding datasets for reuse, and sharing and publishing project data.

Request Library Instruction