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Student Work

Graduates with both field-specific experience and a broad range of research skills are more likely to advance in their careers long term. Each year, the University of Kentucky Libraries is proud to support professional and academic development for students of all disciplines through assistantships and internships at our seven campus locations. These paid positions provide students the unique opportunity to develop highly transferrable research skills in supportive, professional settings on campus. 


UK Libraries is one of the largest employers of student workers across the University of Kentucky. Day, evening and night shifts are often available at several of our campus libraries.

To apply for a student position with UK Libraries, visit the University of Kentucky's online employment portal


Diversity Scholar Intern working at a computer at UK Libraries.

Be a Diversity Scholar

Promote diversity, multicultural awareness and inclusivity in the heart of University of Kentucky academia.

Do you have a passion for promoting the educational benefits of diversity, multicultural awareness and inclusivity? UK Libraries Diversity Scholar Interns play a fundamental role in working with UK Libraries personnel to further the library system's dedication to diversity and inclusivity, spearheading initiatives that diversify the perspectives and information represented in the libraries' collections and services. 

Internships span the academic year and begin in the fall. Click here to learn more about projects and initiatives completed through the Diversity Scholar Internship Program. 


Applications for Diversity Scholar Internships are accepted each fall. Applications will be available through the University of Kentucky online employment portal, where students will be asked to: 

  • Submit their resume. 
  • Submit a short personal essay (500 words) in which applicants should describe their interest in promoting diversity in academic libraries; their actions and commitment to ideas of equity, diversity and inclusivity; and their ability to work in the UK Libraries setting.
  • Solicit a recommendation letter from a nonrelative who is acquainted with the applicant's skills, abilities, aptitude, diversity-related activities and commitment. 

Recommendation letters and additional questions about UK Libraries Diversity Scholar Internships can be directed to Jen Martin at


Jen Martin Director of Diversity & Inclusion

Student studies a manuscript in the Learning Lab.

Join the Learning Lab

Build your expertise on a topic of interest using rare primary sources.

The Special Collections Research Center Learning Lab Internship is a specialized program created to enhance students' skills in research, critical thought and analysis, as well as better prepare students for graduate school, professional research and future jobs. Through the course of this internship, students will: 

  • Arrange and describe archival collections in their area of research interest and promote access to those collections
  • Produce a final scholarly project--such as a poster, conference presentation, paper or exhibit--reflecting on their research

Internships span the academic year and begin in the fall.  


Applications for Learning Lab Internships are accepted in the Spring, through the University of Kentucky online employment portal where students are asked to: 

  • Complete the application form. 
  • Submit a brief (250 words or less) essay discussing their interest in and how they would pursue research using a collection of their choice from those made available.
  • Solicit a letter of reference from a University of Kentucky faculty member. 

All recommendation letters and additional questions about UK Libraries Learning Lab Internships can be directed to Carol Street at


Carol Street Undergraduate Research Archivist

Marketing interns working at UK's annual Staff Appreciation Day.

Refine Your Creative Skills

Become a communications expert with UK Libraries' Marketing and Communications team.

UK Libraries' paid Marketing and Graphic Design Internship allows students with a passion for graphic design and digital marketing to work hands-on with the libraries' digital and print platforms to expand and promote UK Libraries' brand. Through this internship, students will: 

  • Develop creative and effective digital marketing strategies to expand and improve UK Libraries' social media.
  • Work with Adobe Creative SuiteCanva and/or other design programs to create and deploy promotional and informational resources.
  • Design and draft content for digital displays & website


Applications for Marketing and Graphic Design Internships are accepted each spring and will be available through the University of Kentucky online employment portal, where students will be asked to:

  • Submit a resume and cover letter. 
  • Provide an example of copy or a design the student has created for use in a marketing context.

Internships span the academic year and may begin as early as May.

For more information on UK Libraries' Marketing and Graphic Design Internship or the application process, contact the UK Libraries Marketing and Communications Department at


Shanna Wilbur Director of Marketing


Student Ambassador Program

UK Libraries gather outside Young Library.

Become a member of UK Libraries' outreach team.

Ambassadors are trained in a variety of services and resources the libraries offer in order to promote the library system's brand, services and resources through campus events, classes and social media. Through this compensated program, students will: 

  • Promote library services and exhibits to classes, residence halls and student organizations. 
  • Engage in outreach events such as staffing tables, K Week and Midterms and Finals events. 
  • Provide feedback on library services. 


Applications for the Student Ambassador Program are accepted each fall.

The UK Libraries Ambassador Program spans the academic year and begins in the fall. Ambassadors are compensated $300 at the end of each semester for a total of $600 across the academic year.

For more information on UK Libraries' Student Ambassador Program or the application process, contact Jen Martin at