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The Medical Center Library is located on the Basement and First Floor of the William R. Willard Medical Education Building.


In the Basement, you'll find:

  • Several large, open spaces with couches and tables for considerate study.
  • A spacious enclosed room for conversational study (M77-79) that contains tables for groups of various sizes, plush reading chairs, and a large whiteboard wall.
  • 18 individual study pods equipped with outlets, lining the back hall.

Reservations for the private study rooms are open to medical students and administered directly through the College of Medicine.

After-hours badge access to the Basement level of the MCL is available for all students enrolled in the six health sciences colleges.

Two students study in the open area of the Medical Center Library.

First Floor

The First Floor of the library has several study tables providing ample seating for quiet study, and a small number of individual study carrels, with seating capacity amounting to about 100 library users.

Technological resources on the First Floor include:

  • A computer lab with 16 Windows computers with access to a public printer/copier, reservable for instructional sessions conducted by MCL librarians.
  • 16 publicly available Windows machines with access to a networked printer.
  • Three media viewing stations, equipped with DVD-VHS players, adjacent to the computer lab.

During open hours, you can find us at the front desk, where we will be happy to help you track down literature or answer any questions about our many research and teaching support services.