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University of Kentucky Libraries’ “Food for Fines” event, a collaboration benefiting UK’s Big Blue Pantry, will take place March 20 through March 31. During this event, UK Libraries patrons can “pay” up to $20 of fines on their accounts by bringing in donations of food and non-food items.

To participate, bring your donations to the Fines Office in William T. Young Library during the Fine Office’s hours of operation: 8:30 am – 3:25 pm Monday through Friday. 

The exchange rate for this event is as follows:

  • 10 food items or 5 personal care items for $20 in fines.
  • 8 food items or 3 personal care items for $15 in fines.
  • 6 food items or 2 personal care items for $10 in fines.
  • 4 food items or 1 personal care item for $5 or less in fines. 

For a full list of suggested donations and Big Blue Pantry’s most needed items, click here.

The Big Blue Pantry is a food pantry on campus dedicated to supporting students experiencing food insecurity or hunger. The Big Blue Pantry is in the basement of the White Hall Classroom Building beside the Post Office, Room 025. 

Lost Material Fines are not qualifying fines for the “Donations for Fines” events these include but are not limited to monographs, periodicals, locker/room keys, reserves, equipment, or Interlibrary Loan.