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On March 24, the University of Kentucky Libraries, Media Depot and Smart Campus Initiative will kick off the first ever campus-wide “48 Hour Film Race,” an exciting opportunity for students to make a movie – write, shoot, and edit – in just 48 hours. Students from all academic disciplines are encouraged to participate.

Participating students are invited to make a short film with five film elements – genre, character, prop, location, and a line of dialogue – all drawn from a hat over one weekend. This year’s mandatory film element challenges students to film using only their smart devices; phones, iPads, and/or tablets.

The event has two components:

Check-in & Kick-off Meeting: March 24 | 6 pm | Young Library, Media Depot

Film Screening & Award Ceremony: March 31 | 6 pm | Young Library, Auditorium

Race Details

The fun begins during the kick-off meeting when participating teams or individuals randomly draw film elements from a hat. Elements range from film genre, a specific line of dialogue, a funny prop and character, and popular locations around campus to make the filming experience as convenient as possible. Participating students have many surprises in store as film requirements will further challenge their creativity while creating their films!

Soon after, watches will be synchronized, and students are off in a “mad dash” to complete their films over the weekend. 

On Monday night, films are turned in. The following Friday, students who participated in the “48 Hour Film Race” will have their films screened in front of an audience of fellow filmmakers, friends, and families. Superlative awards and prizes will be given, and the “Best Film” will be announced. This event is free and open to the public.


The Student Media Depot at the Hub is a student digital media center that provides access to recording equipment and space, editing stations with specialized multimedia software, and technical support for students’ development of their academic media projects.