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Located on the Second Floor of Dickey Hall in Room 227, the Education Library offers open seating for individual or small group study with a seating capacity of about 20 users. One corner of the library is dedicated to quiet study.

The library is home to the Butler Education Studio, UK Libraries' juvenile collection, and print collections and services that support study in Education, Counseling, Rehabilitation, and Kinesiology.

Butler Education Studio

The Butler Education Studio is a self-serve maker space offering free craft and paper materials for projects and paper displays in our Education Library.

Our large collection of craft tools includes:

  • AccuCut dies
  • Cricut machine
  • Button maker
  • Laminator

Craft kits and Lego kits are also available for checkout.  

A Formlabs Form2 3D printer capable of producing complex and highly detailed objects is available to students and faculty on an appointment basis. For more information contact Jeretta Robinson at

A man operates a CriCut machine in front of bookcases

The CriCut machine in the Butler Education Studio.

Chet White