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Writing About Your Research

Writing about your research and publishing your findings lies at the core of scholarly communication. Explore style guides and manuals or make an appointment at the Writing Center in Young Library. 

Open Access Publishing 

Open access is free, immediate online availability of research articles with full reuse rights, making research findings accessible to a global audience by removing price and permission barriers.  

Explore open access resources and find information on author rights, copyright and fair use, and open licensing.


As UK’s institutional repository, UKnowledge captures, stores, organizes, and provides open and stable worldwide access to the research and scholarship generated by the UK community. By managing and preserving your work in a free, secure, and stable online location, you can make your work more discoverable and elevate your research profile. 

UK Libraries mints Digital Object Identifiers (DOIs) for research made available through UKnowledge and provides usage and engagement statistics so that you may track its impact throughout its lifecycle.   

Research Impact Metrics

Learn how UK Libraries can help you share and promote your scholarship, build your profile as a researcher, and improve your work’s reach. Learn about ORCID IDs and track the impact of your work using common metrics and altmetrics.


Learn how to submit your thesis or dissertation, or explore journals hosted on the university's institutional repository, UKnowledge.

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