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Academic Liaisons by Discipline


Discover your UK Libraries Academic Liaison by finding your discipline in the directory below.  Your Academic Liaison is available to provide assistance with your teaching, research, and library collection needs.  Drop us a line and let us know how we can help!


Subject Librarian Phone Email
African American Studies  Reinette Jones  257-6042
Agriculture/Biological Sciences  Valerie Perry  257-2758
Anthropology  Jo Staggs-Neel  218-1409
Architecture  Faith Harders  257-4305
Art  Paula Hickner  257-4104
Appalachian Studies  Deirdre Scaggs  257-3653
Asian Studies  Kazuko Hioki  218-0890
Business and Economics  Peter Hesseldenz  218-1840
Chemistry  Jan Carver  257-4074
Classics  Kate Seago  218-1851
Communications  Debbie Sharp  218-1406
Education  Sarah Vaughn  257-7977
Engineering  Sue Smith  257-7176
English  Jen Bartlett  218-1236
French and Italian Studies  Heath Martin  218-1849
Geography  Faith Harders  257-4305
Geology  Sue Smith  257-7176
German  Tom Hecker  257-8343
Health, PE, Recreation  Sarah Vaughn  257-7977
History  Judy Fugate  218-1243
Human and Environmental Sciences  Jo Staggs-Neel  218-1409
Humanities - General  Heath Martin  218-1849
Journalism  Debbie Sharp  218-1406
Library and Information Science  Kate Seago  218-1851
Linguistics  Jen Bartlett  218-1236
Maps and Atlases  Gwen Curtis  257-1853
Mathematics  Tom Hecker  257-8343
Medical Center - Cancer  Frank Davis  323-3983
Medical Center - Dentistry  Mark Ingram  323-6568
Medical Center - General  Tag Heister  257-8281
Medical Center - Health Sciences (Allied Health)  Susan Foster-Harper  257-0752
Medical Center - Internal Medicine  Frank Davis  323-3983
Medical Center - Nursing  Bev Hilton  323-8008
Medical Center - Pediatrics  Mary Vaughn  323-8285
Medical Center - Pharmacy  Frank Davis  323-3983
Medical Center - Psychiatry  Tag Heister  257-8281
Medical Center - Public Health  Robert Shapiro  323-8295
Music  Paula Hickner  257-4104
Philosophy  Heath Martin  218-1849
Photography  Paula Hickner  257-4104
Physics  Jan Carver  257-4074
Political Science  Judy Fugate  218-1243
Psychology  Sarah Vaughn  257-7977
Public Administration  Judy Fugate  218-1243
Science - General  Valerie Perry  257-2758
Slavic Studies  Heath Martin  218-1849
Social Sciences - General  Sarah Vaughn  257-7977
Social Work  Roxanna Jones  218-1324
Sociology  Sarah Vaughn  257-7977
Spanish  Judy Fugate  218-1243
Statistics  Tom Hecker  257-8343
Theater and Dance  Paula Hickner  257-4104
Transportation  Laura Whayne  257-2155
Women's Studies  Sarah Vaughn  257-7977