Provides full-text for thousands of business journals and other sources, peer-reviewed business publications, trade journals/general business magazines, books (most indexed by chapter), industry reports and market research reports. In addition, 10,000 company profiles are available. Country reports include forecast reports & monitors, CountryWatch reviews, profiles, EIU Country reports, career guides, economic and competitiveness studies, OECD economic surveys, Political Risk Yearbook reports, and SOD background notes. Industry-level resources includes financial alerts, profiles, forecasts, and yearbooks. Market Research reports include utility market, marketwatch, pharmawatch, Gartner G2 reports. Topical coverage includes management, economics, finance, accounting, and international business. Also available via an enhanced interface. Part of the KY Virtual Library database collection.

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1886 (selected titles) - present

This database provides some direct access to the full-text of the article cited. For other electronic access options, use the UK Full-Text Options button that appears below the citation in your search results (more information). To see if we own a paper copy of the item, search the title in the InfoKat Discovery Library Catalog. If we do not own the item in any format, and you are a UK-affiliate, you may request the item through ILLiad.


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