Provides coverage of basic and applied research on aquatic organisms, including marine, freshwater, and brackish water organisms and their environments. Covers biology and ecology of aquatic organisms, exploitation of living resources, and related legal, policy, and socioeconomic issues. Fisheries receive particular attention along with fishing methods, statistics, aquaculture, food technology, productivity, conservation, and marketing. Laboratory studies of aquatic organisms and field research are included.

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Subject coverage

  • General aspects
  • Law, policy, economics and social sciences
  • Biology: general
  • Microbiology
  • Botany
  • Invertebrate biology: general
  • Malacology
  • Carcinology
  • Entomology
  • Chordate biology: general
  • Ichthyology
  • Ornithology
  • Mammalogy
  • Ecology and ecosystems: aquatic ecology
  • Autecology
  • Population studies
  • Aquatic communities
  • Productivity, ecosystems, species interactions
  • Fouling and boring
  • Fisheries: practical aspects of fisheries
  • Aquaculture
  • Fishable stocks
  • Aquatic products and their utilization
  • Marketing and economics of aquatic products
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1971 - present; contains several hundred pre-1971 entries.


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