International coverage of marine and freshwater aquaculture.  Focuses on studies related to improving and augmenting aquatic yields in the cultivation of marine, freshwater, and brackish-water species in the science, practice, management, and economics of aquaculture. References from related disciplines such as water pollution, ecology, diseases, nutrition, oceanography, and limnology are also included if they are directly applicable to aquacultural situations. Information on instruments, technological developments, culturing techniques, and new methods of husbandry are significant features.

Subject coverage

  • Aquaculture management and economics
  • Growth and development of cultured species
  • Techniques, equipment, methodology, feasibility studies, replenishing natural stocks and laboratory culture
  • Culture of fish and other vertebrates
  • Crustaceans, mollusks and other invertebrates
  • Aquatic plants and algae
  • Protozoa and microorganisms
  • Reproductive biology
  • Biotechnology
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1984 - present


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