Reference Updates

Beginning in spring, 2016, UK Libraries is making changes to how licensed resources (databases, online journals, etc.) are accessed. These changes may impact your ability to access content through bookmarks or if you typically rely on links outside the UK Libraries webpages.  Read more about the change and the reason behind it.  If you are having trouble accessing something, follow these tips:

  • Always access resources through the UK Libraries web page.  The links on our pages have been modified to include our EZproxy string.  You will be prompted to log in using your linkblue credentials and then you will have access.
  • If you have old bookmarks, they may need to be updated so the EZproxy string is included.
  • If you are using a table-of-contents service, the links probably will not include the EZproxy string.  Consider installing the LibX browser extension, which will let you re-load any web page with our EZproxy string.
  • If you have trouble accessing a resource, contact us using chat, email or phone.