Video Recording/Photo Shoot Policy


Along with providing information resources to support the teaching, research, and service pursuits of the University, UK Libraries makes every effort to provide an atmosphere conducive to research, reading, and study. Thus, video recording and/or photo shoots in the Libraries are generally prohibited as they can be disruptive to the users in the building.

  • On an exceptional basis, with advanced approval by the UK Libraries' administration, filming, video recording, or photo shoots in the UK Libraries are permitted for university-related purposes and/or UK student projects.

  • On a rare exceptional basis, with advanced approval of the UK Libraries' administration, UK Public Relations officials, and the UK Legal office, outside entities may be granted permission to video record or conduct photo shoots in the UK Libraries.



  • A responsible party wanting to video record and/or photograph must submit a request to the library or libraries in which the recording/shoot will take place for approval at least two weeks before the proposed video recording/photo shoot date.
  • During the approved activity, the following procedures shall be followed:
    • Security shall be notified when videographers/photographers enter the building;
    • Persons involved in the approved activity shall keep conversations as quiet as possible, turn cell phones off or to a non-noise setting, and not distract others in the library;
    • Persons involved shall maintain the agreed upon time and schedule for the video recording/photo shoot;
    • The videographers/photographers shall refrain from capturing video/photo images of library users who are not specified as part of the shoot;
    • If library users are shot, the responsible party involved in the approved activity shall obtain a written authorization from library users when photographing or videoing identifiable persons;
    • Unless given written permission otherwise, the producers shall note the location of the video recording/photo shoot in the production credits.



  • No video recording/photo shoots are permitted during Mid-Terms, Dead Week or Finals.
  • Permission to video record/photo shoot in the Library grants no rights to use UK's name or trademarks.
  • Video recording or photo product must not imply any type of approval or endorsement by the University.
  • Violation of this policy may result in the revocation of permission to video record/photo shoot.

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