Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:  How do I know if I qualify for Distance Learning Library Services?

A:  You qualify for Distance Learning Library Services if you are enrolled in classes that have a 200 level section number.  For example: ENG 401-201.

Q2:  Do I have to get a library card in order to use Distance Learning Library Services?  What are the benefits of having a card?

A:  Yes, a library card is necessary in order for us to check books out to you through the UK library, just as if you were on campus.  Your library card barcode number is used to allow you to access our databases, ebooks, and e-journals remotely.  You can request a library card via our online form on our homepage or by emailing us: Distance Learning Library Services.

Q3:  If I want to borrow a book from the library, what will it cost me?  How do I return materials when I am done?

A:  UK Libraries will absorb the cost of shipping materials to you.  You are responsible for the cost and return of materials either by shipping or physically returning them to UK libraries.  We suggest you use Library Rate Shipping because it tends to be cheaper.  The exception to this rule is when we need to use Inter-library loan to acquire materials for you.  In those cases we will pay shipping costs both ways.

Q4:  How do I apply for a card? 

A:  Here is a direct link to the application form; you can also access it through the Distance Learning Library Homepage.

Q5:  How do I request a book or article through Distance Learning Library Services?

A:  We now have a new process for Document Delivery.  An Illiad account will be necessary for all requests.  For more information, or to make a request, view our Document Delivery and Interlibrary Loan page.

Q6:  What if I am taking a mixture of face-to-face and Distance Learning courses? Do I still qualify for Distance Learning Library Services?

A:  Yes, you do qualify.  If you are enrolled in some Distance Learning courses and some face-to-face courses through the University of Kentucky, contact Carla Cantagallo to discuss the best way to set up your library account.

Q7:  Is there a limit to how many materials I can request?

A:  You have the same privileges as on-campus students. See circulation policies for more information.

Q8:  "I must write a 20 page paper for my class and my professor says that I need 20 articles for the paper.  Where do I start?"

A:  First of all, you need to search your topic in a database that indexes/abstracts your subject. If you don't know which database is appropriate to use, please contact us - we can help!

Q9:  If I still have questions, who can I ask for help?

A:  Direct questions regarding Distance Learning Library Services to Carla Cantagallo.

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