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Main Campus Interlibrary Loan information for UK researchers


Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service offered by the library to University of Kentucky faculty, emeritus faculty, staff, students, and visiting scholars with departmental documentation. All individual patrons should be registered library users with no outstanding library fines or fees that would prohibit the use of ILL services. Records for authorized users should be included in the patron's account before utilizing that privilege. Those patrons associated with the College of Law should work with the Interlibrary Loan Unit at the Law Library. Please note: We have combined the Medical Center ILLiad service with the Main Campus ILLiad service; Medical Center and Main Campus users will now log into the same ILLiad server with their linkblue credentials. We are prepared and eager to be of assistance in securing research materials from cooperating libraries and document delivery vendors. The conditions for use of the service are set by the Interlibrary Loan Code of the American Library Association, Copyright Law and by regulations of individual lending libraries. The following guidelines reflect these conditions and are offered here with a request for your cooperation so that we may provide the most effective service possible.


Patrons may submit requests through Interlibrary Loan's web-based ILLiad service using their linkblue credentials. ILLiad allows patrons to register and store their personal information once, then choose a form indicating the type of material they need to request through ILL. Links to ILLiad are available via most databases (often through View Now UK). A separate form must be submitted for each item. Accurate and complete patron and bibliographic information are essential for processing requests. Prior to submitting the interlibrary loan request, patrons should make every effort to determine that our library system does not own the item by searching the library's online catalog, InfoKat Discovery or the E-Journals Database. Lending libraries require that all requests be verified so be sure to provide the ILL staff your source of citation on the request form. Standard verification sources such as WorldCat or other print sources and electronic databases may help expedite the processing of the interlibrary loan request. Patrons submitting requests are automatically indicating their acceptance of ILL policies and copyright compliance.


Most material may be acquired within two weeks, some material may come more quickly. Always indicate any deadlines you may have on the ILL form. Some international requests may take more than three months to obtain. Always plan on submitting your interlibrary loan requests well in advance of any deadlines you may have.


Materials generally not available for loan are: pre-1800 imprints, rare books, newspapers and manuscripts (unless available in positive microfilm or from the Center for Research Libraries Catalog), some PhD and Masters theses, audiovisual materials, genealogical material, and e-books. In addition, photocopies of certain material protected by copyright cannot be obtained. Requests for textbooks, books and audio/visual items for leisure or recreational use cannot be obtained through UK's ILL office. Please consult your local public library to acquire leisure and recreational materials. Material that is in our collection with circulation restrictions may not be requested. This includes items on reserve or in non-circulating reference collections, special collections, and material in microform format or electronic format when print format is preferred. However, books that are lost or cannot be located after an initial search by library staff may be requested. When journals have been sent to the bindery, articles may be requested.


The Library absorbs up to $40 for acquiring reproductions of articles/chapters/papers or for the loan of material acquired through Interlibrary Loan. If cost exceeds $40 the ILL staff will contact the patron to see if they are willing to absorb the extra cost. Rush service may often generate extra costs from the supplying library. 

Patrons who keep material extremely overdue will be charged a $20 non-refundable fee.  Patrons will also be held responsible for any fees incurred by the supplying library, including overdue fines and charges for damaged or lost items while borrowed material is in their possession.


Interlibrary Loan is a courtesy provided by the lending library and any conditions of use imposed by that library must be strictly observed. Requests may be submitted to obtain materials needed for individual research. Long-term use of borrowed material is prohibited (with exceptions such as the Center for Research Libraries). The lending library may stipulate that use of an item be restricted to the library and it may prohibit all photocopying of the item. These limitations will be clearly indicated on the blue band of all borrowed material. Disregarding restrictions may result in cancellation of interlibrary loan service to the patron.


Material will be available for pickup and return at the patron's designated pickup site (as indicated during registering or updating an ILLiad account) during their regular hours of service. If hours of service are limited at the pickup site, returns may be made at the Young Library Circulation Desk.

Return items that have been restricted to "library use only" to the library's service desk. If not finished using the item, please ask that the item not be returned to the lending library and that the item be returned to the pick-up shelf for later use.  "Library use Only" items will generally be restricted to use in Young Library where extended hours of access are available.

PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE THE BLUE BAND AROUND THE COVER OF THE BOOK; the information on the band is essential for clearing your transaction. 


Please make reading your interlibrary loan material a priority in your research. Renewals are granted at the discretion of the lending library and are not routinely given. If a renewal is necessary, submit an electronic renewal request using ILLiad or contact the ILL Office. An additional two weeks will be requested. If the institution does not grant the renewal, the item must be returned immediately. Only one renewal will be requested per item.

Borrowed items kept overdue by patrons create critical problems for Interlibrary Loan service. Lending libraries may cease to lend to our institution until all overdue material is returned. Costly fines and replacement fees could also be incurred. Items kept extremely overdue will result in a $20 fine from UK Libraries and a block of your use of the ILLiad service until the overdue is resolved. 


After creating the main campus ILLiad account, the user logs in with linkblue credentials to view the account. The patron may change library pickup location and keep contact information current by clicking on the Change User Information link located in the left column on the main menu. Additionally, it is the responsibility of the patron to save any request information as data is periodically purged from ILLiad and former requests will not be available. 


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