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William T. Young Library Course Reserves

William T. Young Library's Reserves Department strives to make your materials available to students in a timely fashion. We also aim to make the process quick and easy for any faculty and staff using Course Reserves.

Course Reserves Deadlines

Submitting reserve requests by due dates ensures your course reserves will be ready on the first day of the semester.


Turnaround Time

Reserves lists are processed in the order they are received. Due to the quantity of reserves we receive at the beginning of the semester and the processing time involved for each list, the processing of material submitted after the deadlines may take up to two to three weeks from the time it is received. 

Reserve lists may be submitted any time during the semester.  Additions to a list require a new form be filled out and submitted.

What may be placed on reserve?

Reserve materials may include:

  • Books/journals owned by the library
  • Personal copies owned by the instructor
  • Photocopies
  • Old exams
  • Lecture notes
  • Approved course packs
  • Links to online resources or electronic files
  • Much more

Please be aware that photocopies of items placed on paper reserve or scanned for electronic reserve may require copyright permission. See our copyright policies

Should you need a book ordered for your course reserves (we do not order textbooks), provide the complete bibliographic information in order to ensure the correct information is sent to the appropriate academic liaison for ordering.  Please allow plenty of time for the book to arrive and be processed. Ordered books take at least two weeks to arrive and be processed (longer for some books).NOTE: Please be aware that at this time we are not able to place e-books on reserve.

How do I place material on reserve?

Whether you are submitting a new list or adding material to an existing list, always complete a reserve request form. For library books/journals provide:

  • Complete call numbers as listed in InfoKat Discovery Library Catalog
  • Author’s full name
  • Full title

This helps us make sure we place the correct item on reserve. Personal copies and photocopies are needed at the time the list is submitted, along with a complete bibliographic citation. This allows copyright permissions to be obtained in a timely fashion.

Submit the completed reserve form and any reserve material at the Young Library Circulation desk or send them by campus mail or an email attachment to:

Terri Brown
1-50 William T. Young Library
Lexington, KY 40506-0456


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