Giving Opportunities

Libraries Enrichment Fund

The Libraries Enrichment Fund provides the Dean of Libraries the flexibility to respond to opportunities and changing needs. The Enrichment Fund supports:

  • Faculty requests for special materials to support research and teaching
  • Exhibits and lectures that are open to the public
  • Facilities, technology and equipment
  • Matching funds to leverage other funding
  • Needs not funded by other sources

Subject Libraries or Specific Purposes

No matter what your interest, there is a part of the Libraries where your gift--large or small--will make a difference. Gifts can be made for any purpose ranging from capital improvements, equipment, books, collections processing, support for faculty and graduate student positions or the purchase of journals and databases.

Gifts can be designated for a particular library or discipline.

Library Faculty, Staff and Student Employees

A great library service depends upon great librarians, library staff and our many student employees. Endowments or gifts for our immediate use provide funding for training, conferences, workshops, presentations, and recognition events. This is a great way to support the people who make our Libraries great!

UK Libraries Director of Development Ashley Cassetty is available to talk with you about your interest in supporting UK Libraries.

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