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SuDoc Outline

Superintendent of Documents Classification (SuDoc) Outline

A = Agriculture, Forestry, Entomology, Nutrition, Conservation, Animal Science, Rural Studies
AC = Arms Control
AE = Archives, Laws, Regulations
C = Commerce, Fisheries, Patents, Trademarks, Census, Standards, Meteorology,
Telecommunications, Oceanography
CC = Communications
CR = Civil Rights
D = Defense, Engineering, History, Warfare, Medicine (formerly W, N or M)
E = Energy
ED = Education
EP = Environment
FA = Fine Arts
FEM = Emergency Management
FHL = Home Loans
FM = Mediation
FMC = Merchant Marine
FR = Federal Reserve Bank
FT = Trade Regulations
GA = Accounting Regulations, Government Studies
GP = Printing, Publications, Libraries
GS = Procurement Regulations
HE = Public Health, Human Services, Food/Drug Regulations, Children, Aging, Medicine, Nutrition (formerly FS)
HH = Housing, Urban Development, Urban Planning
I = Parks, Railroads, Indian Affairs, Geology, Mines, Wildlife, Historic Preservation, Geography
IC = Interstate Commerce Regulations
ITC = International Trade Regulations
J = Criminal Justice, Drug Enforcement, Prisons, Immigration, Law Enforcement
JU = Courts, Legal Decisions
L = Labor, Occupational Safety, Unemployment, Training, Mine Safety, Compensation
LC = Libraries, Maps, Photographs, Copyrights, Rare Books, Motion Pictures, Folklife, Music
LR = Labor Relations
NA = Scientific Councils
NAS = Space, Aeronautics, Astronomy
NC = U. S. Capital
NCU = Credit Unions
NF = Arts and Humanities, Museums
NMB = Mediation
NS = Sciences
OP = Overseas Investment
P = Post Office
PE = Peace Corps
PM = Personnel Management
PR = Presidential Studies
PrEx = Presidential Commissions, National Security, Translations, Federal Budget
PrVP = Vice-Presidential Studies
RA = Railroad Regulations
RR = Railroad Retirement Regulations
S = Diplomacy, Foreign Relations, Treaties, International Development
SBA = Small Business
SE = Securities and Company Regulations
SI = Ethnology, History, Space, Museums, Art, Natural History
SSA = Social Security
T = Treasury, Monetary Studies, Customs Regulations, Internal Revenue, Secret Service, Alcohol/Tobacco/Firearms Regulations
TD = Transportation, Coast Guard, Traffic Safety
VA = Veterans Services
X = Congressional Debates
Y1 = Congressional Reports
Y3 = Independent Agencies
Y4 = Congressional Committees
Y 7 = Memorial Addresses in Congress
Y10 = Congressional Budget Studies
Z = Colonial History


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