Finding Government Information


Finding SuDoc Call Numbers

Each segment of a Superintendent of Documents (SuDoc) call number is read as a whole number. The period does not represent a decimal point. The proper order for filing a SuDoc number appears in the example below:

HE 5.75 HE 5.123:C30 HE 5.214:
N93   A7

This is different from the Library of Congress (LC) call number system used for most of the rest of the UK Libraries' collections. LC call numbers treat the period as a decimal. The proper order for filing the same three call numbers in the LC collection appears in the example below:

5 5 5
.123 .214 .75
C30 A7 N93

Note how differently the highlighted number (75) files in each system.

Also, note that the call numbers are recorded on the pieces in slightly different ways in these two collections (LC and SuDoc). On very recent SuDoc materials, the call number may be written straight across on one line, e.g., HE 5.75:N93, instead of two.


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