Access e-Resources Instructions (EZproxy Help)

EZproxy (for access to licensed databases and other electronic resources).



Why can't I get to electronic resources while on campus like I used to? Changes to the technical environment both on and off campus have made it necessary for the libraries to proxy all access to licensed electronic resources to ensure continued access. This does mean that initial access to Library electronic resources must be initiated from a Library resource: the website, InfoKat Discovery, Research Guides, or the "View Now @ UK" service button.  For more information see this notice

How do I get help with EZproxy? Contact Library Web Administration Medical Center users may also get help by sending email to

Why am I seeing an error message "That log-in information was incorrect or has not been activated yet"?  There are several possibilities:

  • You have mistyped your password or linkblue ID. Try entering them into the UK account manager to see if it is the correct ID and password.
  • You have not activated your UK linkblue account yet. Activate your linkblue account using UK account manager.
  • You are not a current UK student or current UK employee. Licensing agreements require that we limit off-campus access to licensed resources to current UK students and employees. The general public may gain access to electronic resources from a public computer in a UK Library or by using their own computer on the campus network.

Why am I seeing the error message "To allow ( to be used in a starting point URL, your EZproxy administrator must first authorize the hostname of this URL in the config.txt file"? Sometimes mistakes are made when creating ezproxy urls, or a resource will change its URL. You may either attempt to click the "bypass proxy" link or email the "HOST (" information to and we will fix the problem.

Why do I see "Cookies MUST be ENABLED" message? EZproxy must be able to set a cookie for it to function.  The cookie only stays active for the current browser session, and helps you get access to ALL proxied sites.

Why did I see a "UK EZproxy Usage Limits Exceeded" message when using EZproxy? Systematic downloading of content is strictly prohibited by our license agreements. Due to an increase in complaints from our vendors about breaches to these agreements we have instituted limits on the amount of content which may be downloaded. Please see our rules governing the legal use of the University of Kentucky Libraries' Electronic Resources page for more information.

Why did I receive a "Your User ID has been explicitly denied access to the proxy server" message? The UK enterprise system no longer identifies your ID as being a current student or employee, and your ID has been blocked in the system.

Can I make my own links to Library electronic resources using EZproxy?  Yes. If our licensing allows a product to be available through the proxy then you may create a link by including the following proxy prefix in the URL:

  • Jstor example:
  • DOI example:  if the DOI is "10.1126/science.347.6217.11" then the url would be

Can I add EZproxied links to my Canvas page?   Yes, just follow the instructions in the FAQ above.


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