Alternatives to providing the Library with photocopies for paper or electronic reserves:

  1. Check the UK Libraries' E-Journals A-Z list to see if the article is available electronically and provide the students with the URL (permission has been obtained by the Library) or contact the library to determine if it is possible to link directly to the article through an e-reserve list.

  2. Put the Libraries' book on reserve (no permission needed). If the library does not own the book and the book excerpt will be used extensively in future semesters, the library will be happy to order a copy of the book if possible.

  3. Put your personally owned book or journal issue on reserve (no permission needed).

  4. Course packets produced for professors using commercial copiers may be placed on reserve for the semester(s) in which copyright permission has been granted.


Terri Brown, Head of Circulation, William T. Young Library Reserve Department

Diana Feinberg, Reserve Assistant, William T. Young Library Reserve Department


HOURS for May 17, 2021