Study Spaces


Study Room FAQs

1)      How do I make a reservation?

Check out our instructional video!

2)      Do I need to stop by the Circulation Desk or talk to Security to access my room?

Nope! Your study room will be unlocked. You can go straight to your room.

3)      What if I have a reservation but someone is already in my study room?

Politely ask them to leave. They probably had the room before you and lost track of time. If they won’t leave, come to the Circulation Desk and we’ll help you out.

4)      Do I still need at least two people to use a group study room?

Yes! If you have less than 2 people or more than 10 in your study room, Security will ask you to leave and you’ll forfeit the remainder of your reservation.

5)      How far in advance can I make reservations?

Up to one week!

6)      How long can I reserve a study room?

Up to three hours per day, every day, in 30 minute increments.

7)      Can I renew or extend my reservation?

Unfortunately, no. If you think your study group needs more than three hours in a study room, coordinate with your group. Each person gets three hours per day.

8)      Who can reserve group study rooms?

Only UK-affiliated faculty, staff, and students.

9)      Am I allowed to eat in the study room?

Only simple, non-messy snack foods, such as chips, fruit, snack bars, and candy. No meals, including (but not limited to) no hot food, no greasy food, no smelly food. Food like that can only be eaten in the Hub in the basement.

10)   I used to be able to keep my stuff locked in my study room while I ran to Starbucks. Can I still do that?

Unfortunately no. Study rooms are in high demand, please don’t spend your reservation time in Starbucks. Make sure to pick up your drinks before your reservation time, not during!

11)   How do I cancel my reservation?

When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation email. On that confirmation email is a link to cancel your reservation.

12)   Can I use the Group Study Room for an important telephone or Skype job interview?

Unfortunately, no. Young Library does not provide space for job interviews. If you need space for a telephone or online job interview, contact the Stuckert Career Center at 859-257-2746 or at 408 Rose Street. They have rooms for just this purpose. Please note, they need at least 24 hours notice!