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We have the world's largest collection of Kentucky newspapers, many major U.S. papers and several foreign papers. We have holdings listed by town, by date, and by title; all of these holdings are listed in books located beside the Young Reference Desk. We have special holdings lists, too -- e.g., African-American newspapers and Civil War newspapers.  Most newspapers are shelved at the Periodicals Desk, located in the east wing of the 2nd floor; ask for the newspapers you need  there. Most newspapers are on microfilm, which can be acquired at the Periodicals Desk and read at the readers in front of the desk. (For more information, see How to Find Newspapers.) For many titles, paper copies are available for the current month plus the two previous months. Paper copies of newspapers from every Kentucky town are available on the 2nd floor of the Young Library, in the South wing. Ask Reference (north wing) for help.

Newspaper Research Guide

You'll find our greatest collection to local, national, and international newspaper resources in our Newspapers Research Guide. It also offers tips for finding current and historic newspapers and alternative media at UK Libraries. 

Kentucky Digital Newspaper Program (KDNP)

Our most comprehensive database of Kentucky newspapers is the Kentucky Digital Newspaper Program (KDNP). The KDNP is a searchable full-text database of digital historic and contemporary newspapers from around the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

For more information about the KDNP, how to get your Kentucky newspaper title digitized and added to the database, or other questions about the KDNP, please visit our KDNP program site. You may also make discoveries through our KDNP Exhibits.

Chronicling America 

This is the Library of Congress' national collection of digitized historic newspapers created as part of the National Digital Newspaper Program (NDNP). It includes 400,000 pages of Kentucky's historic newspapers. 

  • KY-NDNP:  University of Kentucky Libraries project page
  • meta | morphosis: a film-to-digital lecture seriesThe University of Kentucky Libraries with the support of the National Endowment for the Humanities and the Library of Congress created a series of self-paced teaching tutorials on newspaper digitization specific to the NDNP. 

U.S. Newspaper Directory

This database contains all known U.S. newspaper records from 1690 to present. This database is updated periodically through WorldCat from all fifty states and U.S. territories.

Indexes & Newspaper Articles

If you hope to find articles about an event, you can browse issues published around that time. We do have paper indexes to the complete runs of the New York Times and of The Times (London). For issues published since 1980 or so, there are many different electronic indexes to search: See the Guide for Newspapers. If we do not have the article(s) that you identify, you might be able to get copies of them via the Interlibrary Loan service. Ask Reference for help.

African American Newspapers (from Accessible Archives): This collection contains “a wealth of information about cultural life and history during the 1800s and is rich with first-hand reports of major events and issues of the day, including the Mexican War, Presidential and Congressional addresses, Congressional abstracts, business and commodity markets, the humanities, world travel and religion.”  Titles in the collection include the Christian Recorder, Frederick Douglass’ Paper, Provincial Freeman, and the National Era.

Lexington Herald-LeaderSearchable fulltext of all articles except records lists (e.g., births, police reports) and PAID obituaries. Also find records lists for the archives and the most current seven issues by using the search box at the bottom of the page at the Herald-Leader's archives page

Louisville Courier-JournalDaily newspaper from Louisville, Kentucky considered the state's newspaper of record.

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