Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity at UK Libraries: Undergraduate Diversity Scholar Internship



Jazmine Rivera

Promote diversity, multicultural awareness and inclusivity in the heart of University of Kentucky academia. 

University of Kentucky Libraries Diversity Scholar Interns play a fundamental role in working with library personnel to further the library system's dedication to diversity and inclusivity, spearheading initiatives that diversify the perspectives and information represented in the libraries' collections and services.

Through this yearlong paid internship, students develop outreach initiatives and research projects to enhance diversity goals; collaborate with library committees, tasks forces and/or working groups to create diversity-related activities and events; and curate displays that highlight library collections representing diverse perspectives. Diversity Scholar Interns also interact with various library units to learn how each unit functions and assist with projects, particularly through the lens of increasing diversity in research libraries.

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Human Library

Human Library

Diversity Scholar Interns help to organize the Human Library each year. This initiative strives to challenge existing stereotypes and prejudices by creating an ongoing dialogue. The program invites members of marginalized identities, oppressed backgrounds or isolated communities to act as living "books" as they share their stories with "readers." 

Past participants have praised the event for creating "open and honest conversation[s] that will lead to greater acceptance, tolerance and social cohesion in the community." 

Día de los Muertos


Throughout the academic year, Diversity Scholar Interns work in a professional capacity in several departments and libraries across UK's campus, including Reference, Archives and the Lucille C. Little Fine Arts Library. Interns collaborate with library personnel to design instructional materials, events and displays that better educate visitors and students about underrepresented subjects and materials featured in the libraries' collections. 


HOURS for June 22, 2021