Library Administration and Faculty Governance

This page provides information on the administrative structure of the UK Libraries. More information is available in the official Library Rules document, available on the University’s Senate website.

Dean of Libraries:

The dean is the chief administrative officer of the Libraries and is responsible for establishing policies and procedures attendant to the administrative management of the operations of the college.

Contact information: Dean Doug Way,, (859) 218-1190.

Executive Committee:

The Executive Committee (EC) provides strategic leadership and policy oversight. The EC is composed of the following positions:

  • Dean of Libraries, chair
  • Associate Dean for Finance, Administration, and Operations
  • Associate Dean for Outreach, Engagement, and Collections
  • Associate Dean for Research and Discovery Services

Other library employees are invited to attend as their expertise is needed. The EC generally meets weekly.

Faculty Council:

The duties of the Faculty Council include organizing all faculty input on the strategic direction and resource allocation of the libraries, setting the agenda for faculty meetings, appointing the standing committees of the faculty except in cases where election is required, establishing ad hoc faculty work groups as needed, gathering faculty input on dean’s performance between periodic reviews, and gathering faculty input on faculty performance review process. The Faculty Council is an elected body.

Composition is as follows:

  •  Chair (3 year term)
  •  Past Chair (3 year term)
  •  Chair Elect (3 year term)
  •  Secretary (2 year term)
  •  3 Members-at-large (2 year terms)
  •  Ex-officio, library representative to University Senate (3 year term on Senate)
  •  Ex-officio, non-voting, Dean of Libraries

Faculty meetings are the primary articulation of faculty governance and address significant issues from both faculty and the Dean. Generally, the faculty meet monthly except during the summer.

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