Distance Learning Library Services

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The goal of Distance Learning Library Services is to provide access to information resources for the students who take classes through UK Online and for the faculty who teach those classes.  The Distance Learning Library Service is staffed by a full-time librarian.

Distance Learning Library Services (DLLS)
The Distance Learning (DL) Library Service, via the DL Librarian, assists students and faculty in determining the most effective ways to use academic library research materials via e-mail, chat, phone, Zoom, or in person. The policy of the DLLS is to provide access to library materials and information resources for students who take online and hybrid courses, as well as for the faculty who teach those classes. DL students are to receive the same caliber of library services and have access to the same information sources as on-campus students, including: access to both print and electronic materials, research databasesInterlibrary Loan, Research Guides on topics in a variety of disciplines, as well as course-specific guides. The Distance Learning Library Service includes the following:

• Providing access to information resources and materials from the UK Libraries collection, or Interlibrary Loan, and delivered electronically or in paper via U.S. Mail.
• Offering research consultations and information literacy instruction sessions. Contact Carla Cantagallo to schedule. Providing reference services through e-mail, chat, phone, Zoom, or in person
• Offering copyright assistance and assisting with links to library resources
• Serving as an embedded librarian in courses using Canvas
• Assisting with EndNote
• Creating course-specific library guides and connecting students to other relevant research guides

Distance Learning Library Card
All DL students receive LinkBlue accounts, just as on campus students. The linkblue user i.d. and password allows for secure remote access to electronic library resources (databases, e-journals and eBooks), via our proxy server. The library bar code identifies DL students in the UK Library circulation system, for the purposes of borrowing UK Library materials, and creating an Interlibrary Loan account (ILLiad). The Interlibrary Loan account is used for requesting items not held by the UK Library system. A DL student must first request a library card before creating their ILLiad account. To start the process, please send your full name and USPS mailing address to: Carla@uky.edu.

Distance Learning Librarian
If you have any questions or need assistance with DL Library Services, please contact the Distance Learning Librarian.
Carla Cantagallo
2-2, North Wing, 2nd floor, Young Library
Lexington, KY 40506-0456
(859) 218-1240

eReserves Information

What are they?

Electronic reserves (e-reserves) are assigned course readings, notes, exams, etc. that are accessible through the Internet. Items placed on electronic reserves consist of direct links to online resources, electronic files, as well as copies of material that are either scanned into PDF format by library technicians or provided by the instructor in one of the following formats: ASCII for text (without hard returns), RTF (rich text format), PS (PostScript), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript), PDF (Portable Document Format), DOC (Microsoft Word), JPEG, MP3, MP4. Advantages of electronic reserves include the ability to access material from home or campus without waiting for borrowed material to be returned and without the frustration of missing pages that may occur with photocopies.

Are there restrictions?
Like paper reserves, copyright restrictions do apply to copies of material placed on electronic reserve. Always provide complete citations for reserve material so we can assess readings for fair use and obtain permissions when possible. See our Copyright tab for more information regarding these policies.

How do I submit an E-reserve request?
Complete a Course Reserve Form and choose the E-RESERVES option at the top of the form. Provide complete citations for all material to be placed on reserve, and for online resources that are not available through the UK Library, please provide the URL as well. Provide clean, 8 1/2 X 11 inch photocopies of material to be scanned; photocopies may be duplexed. Please keep in mind that shading on photocopies intensifies during scanning and can make electronic files difficult or impossible to read.

Submit the completed reserve form and any reserve materials at the Young Library Circulation desk or send them by campus mail or an email attachment to:
Terri Brown
Head of Circulation
1-50-4 Young Library
(859) 218-1899

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