Student Architectural Drawings Now on Display at Design Library

In the eighteenth century, artists and architects traveled to the eastern Mediterranean to uncover the mysteries of classical Greek architecture from centuries before. They returned with drawings and measurements that broadened the horizons of archaeological knowledge and contemporary taste. Now, UK Libraries has access to the most influential of these documents, and one undergraduate class at the University of Kentucky has used these publications to create some extraordinary work. 

This new exhibit, made possible by Dr. Andrew Manson and his ARC 213 class on eighteenth century archaeological folios from the libraries' rare books collection, is now on display at the UK Libraries Design Library. This Archaeological Revolution exhibit features student drawings based on firsthand study of plates in several texts, including Julien-David Le Roy’s Les Ruins des plus beaux monuments de la Grec (1770), James Dawkins and Roberts Wood’s The Ruins of Palmyra, Otherwise Tedmor, in the Desert (1753) and James Stuart and Nicolas Revett’s The Antiquities of Athens (1762-1816).

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