UKnowledge Surpasses 10 Million Downloads

Since its inception in December 2010, items from the university's institutional repository, UKnowledge, have been downloaded over 10 million times by people around the globe. While one-third of the downloads were initiated in the U.S., China, Russia, India, and the Philippines are among the top 10 downloading locations. 

Items with the highest accumulative downloads are primarily student research, with a dissertation about first year college students’ mathematical self-efficacy being the chart-topper thanks to more than 110,000 downloads since it was released online in November 2012.

Over 40,000 items are now available from UKnowledge, ranging from books and journal articles to images and datasets. The most populated collections include thesesdissertationsKentucky Law Journal, and Kentucky Transportation Center research reports. If you would like to enhance access to your scholarly work via UKnowledge, please contact Director of Digital Scholarship Adrian Ho.

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