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Records Retention Schedule

The basic tool supporting records management at UK is the State University Model Records Retention Schedule.  Find the records schedule here.

The records schedule:

  • Organizes the records created and maintained by the University into a variety of record series
  • Allows for the records' management and appropriate retention and destruction.
  • Numbers each records series using a Uxxxx number  
  • Describes the types of records found in each records series
  • Denotes the retention period for each records series
Here are some example records series, with explanation.

All state university in Kentucky use the same records schedule.  The State Archives and Records Commission is responsible for hearing and approving changes to the schedule.

Contact us at uarp@lsv.uky.edu if you have any questions about using the schedule or any suggestions for changes.  See the "resources" tab above for additional information about the records schedule.

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