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State law information:

  • As a state agency, records in all formats created by, owned, used, or retained by the University of Kentucky are public records (KRS 171.410 [1]).
  • All public records, whether they are stored in a computer or on paper, must be open for inspection, although certain types of records are exempted, except by court order (KRS 61.870-884).
  • University of Kentucky public records must be managed economically and efficiently (KRS 171.680 [1]).  The agency head must establish and maintain a records management program (KRS 171.680 [1]), while the Kentucky Department for Libraries and Archives (KDLA) is responsible for setting the standards, procedures, and administrative regulations for public records management, preservation, and reproduction (KRS 171.450).
  • Kentucky laws:
    • State Archives and Records:  Kentucky Revised Statutes chapter 171.410-740 
    • Tampering with public records:  Kentucky Revised Statutes chapter 519.060 
    • Open Records:  Kentucky Revised Statutes chapter 61.870-884

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