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Make Photocopies

Copies are 12 cents per page if you use your Plus Account, 15 cents if you pay using cash. (You can have copies made for 8 cents per page at the Copy Center, core 3, 1st floor, Young Library.) You can make copies using coins, $1.00 bills or $5.00 bills, or UK and BCTC student IDs. Copiers that accept cash in Young Library are on the 1st floor only (core 3 in the Copy Center in Young Library); copiers that accept UK IDs are located on all floors in the cores of Young Library.

*Departments must do a Journal Voucher in SAP and take that voucher over to the Dining and Plus account office located at 101 Student Center to purchase a Plus account card for the first time. Go to the PlusAccount website for additional information.

Photocopier/Printers are located in the following areas of the Medical Center Library: MS135 (upstairs) and M72U (basement).

Plus account cards can be replenished at the Dining and Plus Account Office, 101 Student Center (257-6159) or by using cash at one of our two CSVT card dispensers located at the Medical Center Library. CSVT cards can be used for printing and photocopying at the Medical Center Library. CSVT cards can be purchased at a cost of $1.00 from the CSVT card dispenser located on the 1st floor of the Medical Center Library.

Also, money can be added to a departmental CSVT card by doing a Journal Voucher on SAP and taking it over to the Dining and Plus Account Office, 101 Student Center.

For information call (859) 257-6159 or send email to

Important Information
Students should still continue visiting the Help Desk (Hub, McVey, or in the computer labs) for accounts, software questions, basic computer assistance and so forth.

Ricoh has a Copy Center in Young Library on the first floor, core 3. Services offered include faxing, scanning,  binding, and printing help.


For pricing information, visit the Ricoh website. See also Pay for Print information.

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