Medical Center Library

Print to Library Printers

Medical Center Library PCs print to any of three printers:

  1. At the printer station near the Director and Associate Directors' office entrance in MS135.
  2. At the printer near the computer stations in Room M72U in the basement.
    Note: If one print station is down or busy, print jobs may be obtained from the second library print station.
  3. At the color printer station near the Director and Associate Directors' office entrance in MS135.

***Color printing cost is 50 cents per page.***

***Black and White printing cost is 12 cents per page.***

Procedures from library PC stations:

  1. Use the normal print commands (usually FILE/PRINT) in the program you are using.
    Note: If using Adobe Acrobat: use the Adobe printer icon.
  2. Select other settings (# copies, page range, etc.) as needed.
  3. Click PRINT.
  4. A PHAROS print manager window pops up.
  5. Choose either to print to the black and white or the color printer.
  6. Click PRINT.
    Note: Print jobs stay in the printer queue for c. one hour, then are automatically deleted; you will be able to identify your print job by your link blue userid.

Procedures from either library print server:

Swipe your UK student ID through the card reader. Swipe card from right to left with the magnetic stripe down and towards you.

The PRINT STATION PC will show a list of jobs waiting to print as well as the balance of funds on your account.
Note #1: Response time may be slow during periods of peak use.
Note #2: You must have sufficient funds available on your card in order to print.

Select (highlight) your job(s) from the queue list that appears.

Click PRINT.

Note: LOG OFF to close your account before you leave the print station. Logging off prevents other people from using the funds on your account.

In addition to the Medical Center Library, CSVT Card dispensing machines are also located at these locations:

  • College of Nursing: 6th floor
    Note #1: Card machines accept the following bills: $1, $5, $10, or $20.
    Note #2: Money can be added to either a UK ID card or a CSVT card.
    Note #3: Initial purchase of CSVT card costs $1 for the card only.

*Ricoh can only help with printer/photocopy problems. The Ricoh contact # is 859-257-9376.

*Ricoh does NOT handle refunds; please see below.

Did you know?

The CSVT machine sells cards that are used for printing/copying; you can also add money to already purchased cards/student IDs using a CSVT machine.

You can add money to your Plus Account (but NOT your CSVT card) on the Dining and Plus Account Office website.

What most people don’t know is what to do if this machine malfunctions.

If there is a problem with the CSVT machine (e.g., the correct amount was not added to card, the card was not dispensed, an account was not found, refunds are required), please contact Eric @ 7-6159. Eric is a nice guy over in the Plus Account office who will be happy to assist with any Plus Account malfunctions stemming from the CSVT machine.

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