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Federal Government Information Services


Frequently Asked Questions

LIBRARY NAME: Federal Depository Unit

(unit within Young Library's Collections Management Department)

Rm. 2-21A, Young Library
401 Hilltop Ave.
Lexington, KY
PHONE: (859) 218-1327
FAX: (859) 257-0508

Young Library
University of Kentucky, 500 S. Limestone
Lexington, KY 40506-0456

Circulation of Library Materials: Federal depository materials circulate via the circulation desks at the location where they are housed.

Collection Management: Regional Depository staff review offers from other depositories to locate extra or replacement copies of federal government publications.

Copy Service: Copies may be made at the location where the federal depository materials are housed. Since these materials are not copyrighted, there are no restrictions on copying.

Course Reserve: Federal depository materials are put on reserve via the circulation desks at the location where they are housed.

Current Journals: Approximately 50 federal depository journals are housed in the current journals area in Young Library.

Reference Services: Reference service for federal depository material is provided at the reference point in the location where they are housed, e.g., reference assistance for those housed in Young can be obtained at the second floor reference desk or by calling 218-2048.

Rush Processing Requests: Users and staff may initiate rush processing requests for items found in InfoKat, the Libraries' online catalog, but which have not yet made it to the shelf. To initiate a request or to check on the status of a rush processing request, please call 218-2048 or send email to refdesk@uky.edu. Materials will be available at the circulation desk where the material is housed.

Information to the DeskTop: See our webpage and hotlinks in InfoKat, the Libraries' online catalog, for access to federal government information at your desk.

Computer Lab: Not applicable.

Library Tours: Not applicable.


To verify shelflist holdings for problem federal government publication citations (caller must already have SuDoc number), please call 218-2067 - this is our "shelflist check" hotline!

    If no answer, you may leave a message, try the other extension listed below, or call the Young Library reference desk (8-2048). After 5:00 p.m. and on weekends, please call Young Library reference desk at 8-2048.

To request information regarding regional depository services, please call 8-1327.

To make inquiries regarding the processing of federal government publications, please call 8-1327.

PLEASE NOTE: Federal Regional Depository staff cannot assist with referrals regarding Kentucky state government publications, or Canadian, European Union, and UN publications. Inquiries about these materials should go to the reference desk (218-2048) or King Storage staff, depending on the nature of your request and which collection you need help accessing. Also, assistance with verifying U.S. Government TECHNICAL REPORT holdings can be obtained by calling the King Storage staff at 257-6341 (Mondays-Thursdays) or 218-2081 (Fridays).

To speak to specific staff members, please call the appropriate extension listed below:

Amy Laub-Carroll: 218-6152

Jennifer Horne (Reference Services): jennifer.horne@uky.edu