William T. Young Library

 HOURS for July 25, 2021:  12:00pm - 5:00pm

Floor Maps


Young Library, Basement


  • The Hub @ WT's
  • Audio Visual Services classroom (B-108A)
  • Library Multipurpose room (B-108C)
  • Transformative Learning classroom (B-110)
  • Writing Center (B-108B, West Wing)
  • Audio Visual Services (South Wing)
  • Media Depot (South Wing)
  • SCS Computer Lab, Tech Help @ the Hub, and classrooms (including CISCO Systems computer classrooms, B-23, B-25 & B-35) (East Wing)
  • Color Printer (left of the SCS Computer Lab Help Desk, East Wing)
  • Student Memorial Reading Room (contains Ready Reference books, three computers, and study tables)
  • Movable furniture (surrounding the Student Memorial Reading Room)
  • Grub at the Hub vending machines (core 2)
  • Student-accessible computers (The Hub floor space, Audio Visual Services, and SCS Computer Lab)
  • Cell phone charging stations and filtered bottled water stations (core 4)