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All visitors to Special Collections are encouraged to schedule an appointment. Please visit our Account Guide for SCRC: Doing Research for up-to-date information on procedures, scheduling appointments, requesting materials for use during an appointment, ordering digital copies of materials, and more.

What is a Research Services Account?

Your Research Services Account is the key to utilizing the full range of research support services the UK Libraries Special Collection Research Center has to offer. All users wishing to use the Breckinridge Research Room for SCRC material use or quiet study, to scan personal research material in the Breckinridge Digital Studio, or to submit scanning orders of SCRC materials, must create a Research Services Account.

Why do you need a Research Services Account?

Managing your Research

You can schedule an appointment and request retrieval of SCRC materials for use in the Breckinridge Research Room, track the items you have used, and submit scanning orders directly from your Research Services Account. Not sure if you need a particular item right away? “Save it for later” in your account and submit your request when you are ready to visit. 

Staying up-to-date

We use the contact information you provide in your Research Services Account to take the guesswork out of the research process. Once you are registered, you will receive notifications letting you know when your items are available for use or when your scanning orders are complete. You can also track the status of your item requests from submission to delivery, 24/7.

Preservation and Security

By creating a Researcher account, you are doing your part to help us ensure that SCRC materials remain safe, secure, and in good condition for future use. Knowing which items are used and with what frequency allows SCRC staff to better keep track of item locations and assess preservation needs.

Ready to get started?

Please visit our Account Guide for SCRC: Doing Research for up-to-date information on how to register for an account.

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