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Imaging Standards and Equipment

The Special Collections Research Center bases its standards on recommendations and benchmarks established by the National Archives and Records Administration of the United States (2004) and the Federal Agencies Digitization Guidelines Initiative (2010).

Click here to download a summary of the SCRC imaging standards.

Digitization statistics


30-40 hours to digitize and complete quality control (QC) of 1 cubic foot of content (approximately 2,000 pages)

1 technician can digitize and QC 40-50 cubic feet in 1 year (4 weeks of vacation/sick time included, 7.5 hour working days)


0.66-1 minute to image, transport, and QC 1 photographic print

1 technician can scan and QC 60-90 photographic prints per hour (assuming cropping and straightening can be automated)

Imaging equipment

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Epson flatbed scanner

  • Bed size- reflective (photographs, paper): 12”x17”
  • Bed size- transparent (slides, negatives): 12”x16”
  • Resolution: up to 2400 ppi
  • Capture time: varies depending on ppi

CopiBook (RGB model)

  • Bed size- reflective only: up to 19”x27”
  • Resolution: 300 ppi
  • Capture time: 2-7 seconds
  • Special features: Cradle to support bound items; Glass bed to flatten and hold materials (accommodates up to 3.5” in thickness); Automatic cropping


PhaseOne mounted camera with digital back

  • Bed size- reflective: 300 ppi for 20”x24”; 280 ppi for 24”x34”
  • Bed size- transparent: up to 8”x10” at NARA specs; 800 ppi for 8”x10”; 800 ppi for 4”x5”
  • Resolution: approximately 280-800 ppi
  • Capture time: 30-45 seconds



BetterLight large format scanner with digital back and wall mounted vacuum easel

  • Bed size- reflective only: up to 40”x60”
  • Resolution- 300 ppi: up to 24”x30”; 100-280 ppi: 24”x30” to 40”x60”
  • Capture time: 2-7 minutes
  • Note: Vacuum easel will not support heavy items. Magnets are used for thick mat board mountings. Camera can take up to 60 minutes for proper alignment and focus.



Mekel Mach 10

  • Resolution: 100 to 600 ppi depending on reduction ratio
  • Capture time: Up 700 images per minute
  • Scans 16 and 35 mm film; positive, negative, and mixed film
  • Outputs in .tiff, .jpg, and .pdf formats; single or multi-paged


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