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19th Century Masterfile

Compilation of 70 indexes covering articles published before 1930. American and British periodicals, newspapers, books, patents, image archives, government documents, and U.S. Patents. Provides links to selected full-text.

Periodical Indexes ("Series I")

  • Poole's Index to Periodical Literature (1802-1906)
  • Catalogue of Scientific Papers (1800-1900, Royal Society, Great Britain)
  • The Psychological Index (1894-1905)
  • Index to Legal Periodical Literature (1786-1922, Jones and Chipman)
  • Index to Periodicals (1890-1906, Stead)
  • An Alphabetical Subject Index and Index Encyclopedia to Periodical Articles on Religion (1890-1899, Richardson)
  • Cumulative Index to a Selected List of Periodicals (1896-1899)
  • plus indications of matches in the databases America: History & Life and Historical Abstracts; handy links to blank search forms in these databases

Book Indexes ("Series II")

  • ALA Guide to General Literature
  • ALA Portrait Index
  • Wright American Fiction (II, 1851-1875)

Newspaper Indexes ("Series III")

  • Index to the New York Times (1863-1906)
  • Index to the New York Daily Tribune (1875-1906)
  • Palmer's Index to the Times (London, 1880-1890)
  • Index to the Oregon Spectator (1846-1854)

Harper's Magazine and other magazine Indexes ("Series IV")

Document Indexes ("Series V")

  • A Compilation of the Message and Papers of the Presidents (1789-1897)
  • Subject matter index of patents issued by the U.S (1790-1873)
  • Cobett's Parliamentary History of England (1066-1803)
  • Hansard's Index to Debates, House of Commons (1803-1830)
  • Hansard's Index to Debates, House of Lords (1803-1830)
  • Descriptive Catalogue of the Gov. Publications of the U.S. (Poore, 1774-1881)
  • Congressional Record (1789-1925; Annals of Congress 1789-1824; Register of Debates 1824-1837; Congressional Globe 1833-1873)

2.5 million new full-text links to the HathiTrust archive

The Index to the Farmer's Bulletin 1889-1939

Indexes to the Annals of Congress 1789-1894 and Register of Debates 1824-1837

Comprehensive Index to the Publications of the U.S. Government (Ames) 1883-1893

Index to the Congressional Globe 1833-1873

Special emphasis has been placed on raising the accessibility of fulltext documents-from Open Access Repositories (e.g., HathiTrust, Library of Congress), ongoing fee-based repositories (e.g., JSTOR) as well as independent producers (e.g., Readex, HeinOnline).

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