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SAI Global Standards Infobase

Please note: The new platform for SAI Global Standards requires an initial registration for searching and requesting standards. Please be sure to go to your confirmation email after registering and follow instructions.  You will not be charged for orders, UK Libraries will pay costs, but you MUST register.  If you need assistance, please call the Engineering Library at 7-4364.

Provides listings of current standards, identifying those available in the Shaver Engineering Library and providing a mechanism for University of Kentucky affiliates to request the purchase of additional standards. Via this database you can search more than 600,000 standards issued from a wide variety of International organizations.

Resource Type(s): All Relevant Database(s) 
Access information: Resource is available on-campus or off-campus via EZProxy; Click the resource name to access it or here for off-campus instructions.
Fulltext: This resource does not provide direct access to fulltext content.
Research Guides: Engineering, Materials and Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mining Engineering, Transportation
Special usage notes:

Shaver Engineering Library currently owns approximately 1,000 engineering standards, which are indicated on each standard's record in the SAI Global Standards Infobase, as follows:

Notepad This document is already owned by the University of Kentucky. Please Contact the Shaver Engineering Library at 859-257-4364.

When We Don't Own a Standard
If we do not own a copy of the standard that you need, click on the shopping cart (or Buy this standard) to request that the Libraries purchase it. When you "View Basket Checkout" (top of the left navigation bar), you will need to fill out a form. Please include your name, department, phone number and email. You will receive notice that it has been forwarded for purchase. If approved for purchase, you may receive a copy electronically. However, some standards are available only in paper. If this is the case, you will be notified when to pick it up at the Shaver Engineering Library.

When Purchase Requests are Not Approved
Some standards are extremely expensive. If your purchase request is denied, it will probably be because purchasing it would be cost-prohibitive. Contact Susan K. Smith, Head - Shaver Engineering Library at 257-7176 or Sue Smith for further information.