Includes reports detailing essential political, economic and commercial information on over 130 countries worldwide.

Comprehensive information for evaluating risks and opportunities across the globe. Information available in country reports includes:

•Country Risk Indicator Summary - explanation of the country's relative risk rating, including positive and negative factors affecting the country's risk profile.

•Key Information - key statistics covering GDP, government finances, balance of payments, cross country development comparisons and non-numerical information.

•Executive Summary - two-page briefing on four principal areas of risk: political, macroeconomic, external economy and commercial.

•Political Risk - analysis of government stability, policy-making expertise, institutional determinants of good government, socio-political harmony and external relations, plus a two-year forecast.

•Macroeconomic Risk - commentary of short-term economic outlook and interest rate movements, together with a study of the country's long-term economic growth potential.

•External Economic Risk - elucidation of balance and payments trends, plus default and currency risk evaluations and a two-year forecast.

•Trade Environment - current account regulations and barriers, and potential for risk management and control.

•Commercial Risk - analysis of aggregate buyer risk, combined with an assessment of financial sector risk and non-traditional risks such as corruption, plus a two-year forecast.

•Investment Environment - explanation of capital account regulations and barriers, regulations concerning direct investment flows, portfolio investment (equities & bonds), and a description of general investment conditions.

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2003 - present