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Search and derive meaningful data from the UK grants database of funded projects for specific keywords through the Sponsored Project Information Files (SPIFI).*

Similar to SPIFI, this interface searches the Office of Sponsored Projects Administration (OSPA) database of funded projects (titles, keywords and abstracts), but input search options include multiple keywords, phrases and even multiple sentences or short abstracts. Using more sophisticated data-mining algorithms, this tool is able to find and rank the funded projects that most closely match the search query, highlighting the words matching the query. The tool also provides a list of the 25 investigators and academic units whose work most closely match the search query as well as a list of the funding agencies associated with the projects that match the query. Examples of how this can be beneficial include looking for particular expertise within UK, finding collaborators by simply entering the solicitation summary, or finding who has had certain types of awards to get advice.

Watch the Vice President for Research Workshop Series for a demo of how this portal can be used to identify collaborators on the landing page. (Requires linkblue athentication).

* The database, maintained by the OSPA, includes projects funded by a variety of federal, state, non-profit and industry sponsors. You may use SPIFi to search for projects using several fields, including keywords and/or the name of the investigator.

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