Missouri Courier English 205 1849-01-18 1854-12-28 Hannibal Missouri
Kansas City Times English 3993 1884-05-01 1896-01-31 Kansas City Missouri
Rising Son English 193 1903-01-16 1907-12-28 Kansas City Missouri
Sedalia Times English 91 1901-08-31 1903-12-19 Sedalia Missouri
Daily Commercial Bulletin
Includes: Commercial Bulletin and Literary Register, Commercial Bulletin and Missouri Literary Register
English 890 1835-05-18 1838-12-31 St. Louis Missouri
Daily Missouri Republican
Includes: Missouri Republican, St. Louis Republican
English 2486 1841-03-01 1888-05-30 St. Louis Missouri
Missouri Gazette and Public Advertiser
Includes: Louisiana Gazette, Missouri Gazette, Missouri Gazette and Illinois Advertiser
English 404 1808-03-23 1818-09-18 St. Louis Missouri
St. Louis Clarion English 2 1920-12-18 1921-04-02 St. Louis Missouri
St. Louis Enquirer English 224 1819-03-17 1824-12-18 St. Louis Missouri
St. Louis Palladium English 225 1903-01-10 1907-10-05 St. Louis Missouri
St. Louis Republic English 4121 1888-05-31 1900-12-31 St. Louis Missouri
Weekly St. Louis Pilot English 95 1855-01-06 1856-11-15 St. Louis Missouri
Die Washingtoner Post German 416 1870-11-17 1878-11-14 Washington Missouri

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