Nineteenth century Newspaper Collection. Includes
Part I: Freedom’s Journal, New York, 1827-Mar. 1829; Colored American, New York, 1837-Mar. 1840; The North Star, Rochester, NY, 1847-July 1849; National Era, Washington, DC, 1847-Dec. 1848.
Part II: Colored American, 1840-41; The North Star, July 1849-1851; Frederick Douglass’ Paper (continuation of The North Star), 1851-May 1852; National Era, 1847-Dec. 1850; Provincial Freeman, 1854-Dec. 18, 1855.
Part III: Frederick Douglass’ Paper, May 1852-Dec. 1852; National Era, Dec. 1850-Dec. 1853; Provincial Freeman, Dec. 1855-57; The Christian Recorder, 1861-April 1862.
Part IV: The Christian Recorder, May 1862-Dec. 1864; National Era, Jan. 1854-Dec. 1855; Frederick Douglass’ Paper, Jan. 1853-Dec. 1854.
Part V: The Christian Recorder, Jan. 1865-June 1868; National Era, Jan. 1856-Dec. 1857; Frederick Douglass’ Paper, Jan. 1855-Dec. 1855.
Part VI: National Era, Jan. 1858-Mar. 1860; The Christian Recorder, July 1868-Dec. 1870.
Part VII: The Christian Recorder, Jan. 1872-Dec. 1876
Part VIII: The Christian Recorder, Jan. 1877-Dec. 1882
Part IX: The Christian Recorder, Jan. 1883-Dec. 1887
Part X: The Christian Recorder, Jan. 1888-Dec. 1893 (excluding 1892)
Part XI: The Christian Recorder, Jan. 1894-Dec. 1898
Part XII: The Christian Recorder, Jan. 1899-Dec. 1902
Part XII Supplement: Douglass’ Monthly, Jan. 1859-Aug. 1863
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