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E-Books Database

Title-by-title database of the books available full-text in electronic form through University of Kentucky Libraries' subscriptions. The primary purpose of the E-Books Database is to give you access to specific, known book titles you are seeking. Full-text searching of the books is often available at the parent site of the service hosting the E-Books, but it is not available in the E-Books Database. The E-Books Database is accessible from anywhere, but the full-text of most of the books listed in the database is accessible either via campus computers or off-campus for UK faculty, students and staff who follow these off-campus access instructions.

Resource Type(s): E-Book(s),  Key Database(s) 
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The initial search screen and multiple results screen are now mobile ready. Once you choose a title, however, the access screen will not display as mobile ready; mobile ready displays of the actual e-book will vary, depending on the source of the e-book.

Access information: Free resource - available to everyone on the Internet
Fulltext: Fulltext is available.
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Research Guides: E-Books Research Guide, MCL E-Books