Coverage of sustainability theories and practices that have shaped and challenged the concept of what is sustainable, to industries that impact it, and to methods and measurements, such as life cycle costing and material flow analysis, that assess sustainability's progress and chart its future. Focused on solutions, this interdisciplinary publication draws from the natural, physical, and social sciences.

v. 1. The spirit of sustainability -- v. 2. The business of sustainability -- v. 3. The law and politics of sustainability -- v. 4. Natural resources and sustainability -- v. 5. Ecosystems management and sustainability -- v. 6. Measurements, indicators, and research methods for sustainability -- v. 7. China, India, and East and Southeast Asia : assessing sustainability -- v. 8. The Americas & Oceania : assessing sustainability -- v. 9. Afro-Eurasia : assessing sustainability -- v. 10. The future of sustainability [Overviews, future views, and review essays].

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