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SAGE Handbook of Social Geographies

Covers difference and diversity, building on ideas of the structuring of social relations and examines the ruptures and rifts, and continuities and connections around social divisions; economy and society, rethinking the sociality, subjectivity, and placement of money, markets, price, and value; geographies of well-being, building from a foundation of work on the spaces of fear, anxiety, and disease towards newer concerns with geographies of health, resilience, and contentment; and geographies of social justice, connecting ideas through an examination of the possibilities and practicalities of normative theory and frames the central notion of social geography, that things always could and should be different. Susan J. Smith, et al, eds. Available through SAGE Knowledge.

Resource Type(s): E-Book(s),  Reference Tool 
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Vendor Name:Sage Publications
Coverage:2009 ed.