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SAGE Handbook of Remote Sensing

Presents a wide range of spatial, spectral, temporal, and radiometric scales. Covers
-- Interactions of Electromagnetic Radiation with the Terrestrial Environment, including Visible, Near-IR and Shortwave IR; Middle IR (3-5 micrometers); Thermal IR ; and Microwave.
-- Digital sensors and Image Characteristics, including Sensor Technology; Coarse Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors ; Medium Spatial Resolution; Optical Sensors; Fine Spatial Resolution Optical Sensors; Video Imaging and Multispectral Digital Photography; Hyperspectral Sensors; Radar and Passive Microwave Sensors; and Lidar.
-- Remote Sensing Analysis: Design and Implementation, including Image Pre-Processing; Ground Data Collection; Integration with GIS; Quantitative Models in Remote Sensing; Validation and accuracy assessment;
Remote Sensing Analysis: Applications: Lithospheric sciences, including Topography; Geology; and Soils; Plant sciences, including Vegetation and  Agriculture; Hydrospheric and Cryospheric sciences, including Hydrosphere: Fresh and Ocean Water; and Cryosphere; Global Change and Human Environments, including Earth Systems; Human Environments & Links to the Social Sciences; Real Time Monitoring Systems and Disaster Management; and Land Cover Change. Timothy A. Warner, M. Duane Nellis, and Giles M. Foody, eds. Available through SAGE Knowledge.

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Vendor Name:Sage Publications
Research Guides: Geological Sciences
Coverage:2009 ed.