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Encyclopedia of Multicultural Psychology

Addresses culture across a broad spectrum of psychological perspectives and includes topics that are relevant to social psychology, cognitive psychology, environmental psychology, cross-cultural psychology, and clinical psychology. Supports the notion that culture, and not race, is the best way to understand differences among individuals; presents an  overview of the psychology of racial, ethnic, and minority issues and covers the major ethnic groups and subgroups the United States; includes topics on sociological issues as well; addresses academic achievement, acculturation, affirmative action, community interventions, education, health, immigrants, prejudice, racial identity development, social ecology, stereotyping, teaching multiculturalism, tokenism, values, violence, and worldviews. Yo Jacskon, ed. Available through SAGE Knowledge.

Resource Type(s): E-Book(s),  Reference Tool 
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Vendor Name:Sage Publications
Research Guides: Psychology, Reference Sources, Sociology
Coverage:2006 ed.