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Health Psychology Handbook: Practical Issues for the Behavioral Medicine Specialist

Covers practical issues faced by health psychologists in a medical setting (how to motivate patients, consultation-liaison, assessment and screening, brief psychotherapies, ethical issues, etc.); treatment of unhealthy behaviors (alcohol and nicotine use, noncompliance, overeating/obesity, physical inactivity, stress); behavioral aspects of medical problems (pain management, hypertension, diabetes, cancer, sexual dysfunction, HIV/AIDS, irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia); and special issues relevant to practice and research in the field (minority issues, women's issues, working with geriatric populations, public health approaches to health psychology and behavioral medicine). Also discusses working with a multidisciplinary staff, conducting research, evaluating outcomes,
and practicing in public health settings. Lee M. Cohen, Dennis E. McChargue and Frank L. Colllins, eds. Available through SAGE Knowledge.

Resource Type(s): E-Book(s),  Reference Tool 
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Vendor Name:Sage Publications
Research Guides: Psychiatry, Psychology, Reference Sources
Coverage:2003 ed.