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Congressional Search (now Congressional Publications)

Full-text documents of congressional publications that include the following (use Advanced Search for selective searching):

  • Legislative Histories (1969 - present)
  • Bills & Laws (1987 - present)
  • Committee Prints & Misc. Pubs. (1817 - present)
  • Congressional Record Bound Ed. & Predecessors (1789 - 1999)
  • Congressional Record Daily Ed. (1785 - present)
  • CRS Reports (1916 - present)
  • Hearings (1817 - present)
  • House & Senate Documents (1817 - present)
  • House & Senate Reports (1789 - present)
  • Serial Set (1789 - present), a full-text collection of U.S. Government publications that includes Congressional reports and documents, executive agency and departmental reports ordered to be printed by Congress, the American State Papers, and all maps, illustrations, photos, and lithographs found within the U.S. Serial Set during the time period covered.
  • Serial Set Maps (1789 - 1969)

See the ProQuest Congressional Research Guide for more information.

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Vendor Name:ProQuest
Research Guides: History, Law, Political Science, Public Administration, U.S. Federal Government Research
Coverage:1789 - present
Update Frequency:dailly
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